Fashion Doll  Scrapbook

On this page you will find photographs that have been forwarded to me from some of my customers I feel this give's me a useful insight into seeing how my outfits look on other collectors fashion dolls also it give's me a sound idea about each and every collectors likes and dislikes as far as dressing there dolls,I welcome any jpeg's with regards to fashion doll outfits please feel free to contact me with any information or ideas regarding fashion doll outfits I look forward to making contact with you and sharing your passion for collecting fashion dolls.



Images supplied with permission by Helen Mintey Of Southampton Hampshire

A very impressive collection of well loved dolls kindly supplied by Helen Mintey of Southampton of Hampshire thankyou Helen for your assistance.

A look at some of my projects from days gone by  I can still produce outfits based on the following  below, but they may not appear as they are shown here this is due to my availabilty of having the fabric to produce them if you wish to have an outfit based on what you see here please contact me and i will do my best to help you. 


                                                                                                                      Rosina Haskell                                     


Bond Girls

Below you will see a collection of outfits inspired from the girls of the James Bond movies, I get great joy from looking at what outfits these girls wear as they are often very unique in design or the fact that they look just great on the actress wearing it this always seems to stick more in my mind than the actual movie.

I do therefore get very inspired by the outfits on silver screen,throught my catalogue you can see touches from all manner of outfits worn in the movies.

I will leave you to guess what bond films these outfits came from and who was wearing it.

These outfits where made for an exibition that was put together by the Fashion Doll Collectors Club Of Great Britain that was held in London a couple of years back.  



Vintage Collection

Here we have some of my earlier creations which I designed and made some time ago at but at the time they where just one off projects but now I feel I could re-produce them to order only but this will only be on the basis that I still have the materials available you are therefore advised to contact me first if you interested with regards to the outfits below I will do my best to help you with your request. 

Rosina's Fashion's 2009