There are three things I am most interested in: Dolls, Fashion and Sewing. I have put these three things together to produce miniature doll outfits for 12" & 16" fashion dolls.


My mother first started sewing for my sisters and my dolls but she decided when we were too old for dolls I then started making them myself, I also make full size outfits also under the Rosina's Fashion's name.  I love fashion and my dolls often reproductions of current trends as well as period costumes such as Tudor, Stuart and Victorian.


My favourite eras of the moment are the 40's, 50's and 60's.  I love outfits that have been put together with matching accessories.

My favourite style heroines are Audery Hepburn, Jackie Kennedy and Princess Diana.  Most of my current collection is based around styles made famouse by Jackie and Audery.


I mainly sew for 12" dolls, Barbie and  the Fashion Royalty range, not that they need much help with their wardrobes from me.  However, like me, they cannot get the styles they want because they are not available to us in the UK without a great deal of expense.


Sindy also needs little help but I like to think I can provide her with something different from her current style.


I loved Barbies earlier outfits and tried to recreate them in the past,I can create my own styles for these days as you will see with my catalogue.


I also love sewing for Gene, Tyler and Alex.  Tyler and friends are more contempory as is Alex, who will also fit Gene's outfits. 

Wih Gene I can go back to the 40's  and 50's creating volumous skirts, matching accessories,  fabulous ball gowns and smart suit ensembles.  I don't just sew for dolls I have  mentioned, I have made outfits for Pippa,  Tressy, Action Girl, character dolls such as

Jackie Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe and Diana Princess of Wales.


I am open to your ideas as well and if you would like me to create something special and unique for your doll as long as I have the size material even better the doll I can happily accommodate you.


I hope you like what I have put together.


I mainly use lightweight fabrics such as cottons and silks were possible, but if I see a suitable pattern that just begs to be sewn into a 50's bell dress or slim sheath dress, well I just go to town on it.   I do like to experiment and explore new ideas, your ideas that's what makes this passion of mine such fun, please enjoy this website hope there is something that catches your eye if so I'm always available to talk and give some insight into each and every creation.  Thankyou for visiting Rosina's Fashion's.


                                                       Best Wishes

                                                                            Rosina Haskell









Rosina's Fashion's invites you to experince the world of beautiful outfits in miniature each and every outfit is created with passion and with the love of fashion in mind this is reflected in quality of all my outfits,Rosina's Fashion's is about beautiful dolls and my passion for them






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